Stop trying to swing your racquet at the ball!
January 27, 2016 | Liam

You will notice in this picture how close the butt of the racquet is to the ball which prevents the arm swinging and much easier to engage the shoulder to do the swinging then the rest of the arm will follow after the shoulder. 

If your a beginner one of the most common intructions you will hear from a coach will be to "SWING your racquet", "swing faster.  The problem is that this usually encourages the dominat use of the arm and the rest of the body gets neglated which brings all sorts of proble...


Divide the court and win for singles
March 16, 2016 | Liam Collins

Most of us have a better forehand than backhand usually and you can break the court down so easily and simple to use your stength more often to win many more points. Its a great guideline to improving point play and decreasing the chances of low percentage shots creating great self discipline.

You split the court into 3 sections and talking from a right handed perspective -

P1 - Hit forehands from here cross court



fundamentals Tension on your grip may be your biggest enemy on the court
February 1, 2016 | Liam

Here are some real insiteful throughts on why increased grip tension can prevent your improvement.

'The most overlooked and under-considered factor for players trying to achieve their potential in tennis is relaxing the hands. Not only can players increase their control by relaxing their hands, but they can also enhance their ability to hit with power'

'Having more control with a relaxed hand may be obvious to many, but it may be suprising to ...