February 26, 2016 | Liam Collins

Let’s make sure you buy the right size racquet for your child as this will not only help in the development of their tennis game but also make it easier and more enjoyable for them to play tennis.


The abobe outlines the approximate racquet length that is appropriate for kids of a certain age and height -



·  As you can see junior racquets come in lengths of 19, 21, 23, 25 and there are 26 inches also.    

·  Please remember to buy a racquet your child will not outgrow in 6 months.      

·  If your child is quite tall for 10 years old, but turning 11 within a couple of months, we recommend that you could look at a 26-inch racquet.     

·  Since kids have habits to bang their racquets into the ground or poles and fences, parents will be happy to learn that many kids racquets are made of a very durable material. 

- As a parent, it can also be beneficial to listen and watch for signs from your child while they’re playing tennis. If they’re out hitting on the court and you see them shaking their wrist or arm between points out of discomfort or they complain about a sore wrist or arm, then it might be worth taking another look at their racquet size.


Kids racquets come in many cool and bright colours as some brands provide more options than others. Pink racquets is always a winner with girls espically Hello Kitty tennis accessories and a Spiderman racquet for a boy is cool.

Grip Sizes for Kids

Sometimes a racquet grip may be too large or too small for your child. Making the grip smaller tends to be a little more challenging, so the best recommendation would be to buy a smallr grip, as the easiest way to build up a grip is to simply add an overgrip, which will increase the grip size

Final Thoughts

With a little effort you can have your child matched up with a great racquet in no time at all. Doing so will help prevent injury that can be caused by using a racquet that’s too large and keep your child out on the court having fun for hours.