Junior Tennis Programs

Privates lessons : Per hour/$100
Group Lessons :
- 2 students $50 each Per hour
- 3 students $40 each
- 4 students $35 each
- 5 students $30 each
Gaberile is one of our students, You will see how she accelerates on the ball to get the power! Most regular players dont understand how and when to speed up. She was a total beginner when she started!

Our junior tennis lessons are designed for kids aged 4+ years and are structured in a manner that allows kids to progress and develop their tennis ability which will enable them to move up the various class levels in the fastest time possible.

The Mini Tennis system is divided into 3 progressive colour coded tennis levels through which kids can advance.  This allows young tennis players an exciting and positive introduction to tennis at a standard that suits their personal abilities along with other children at a similar skill level.  Each class stage uses different size racquets, specialist tennis balls and court dimensions.

Mini Red: (4 - 6 years)

Kids tennis classes which comprise of the "mini red tennis ball" are played on half of the the tennis court with short racquets and soft balls.  An emphasis is placed on tennis movement and coordination which in turn builds confidence through various ball skills, fun tennis games and tennis rallying.

Mini Orange: (7+ years)

Kids tennis classes which comprise of the "mini orange tennis ball" are for kids who have developed tennis skills sufficiently through the usage of the "mini orange tennis ball".  With the usage of low compression tennis balls and modified tennis court sizes, tennis class rules are adapted to develop the confidence and ability of kids by covering tennis coordination, movement exercises and techniques.

Mini Green (9+years)

Kids tennis lessons which involve the usage of the "mini green tennis ball" use a faster ball and a full sized tennis court.  Classes will focus on developing correct tennis techniques on all tennis strokes.  The tennis lessons will incorporate a tennis played based approach which includes tennis drills, coordination, movement exercises and tactics of match play.

Kids will progress through the different levels by aquiring new tennis skills and taking part in exercises.
Within each level, junior tennis players learn and are tested on four important tennis skills:

  • Rally - Learning and developing rallying skills
  • Serve - Learning and developing serving skills
  • Come to the net - Learning and developing the movement forwards and volleying
  • Score and Compete - Learning the rules, how to score and how to compete and fair play


Within the Junior Development Program there are:

  • Key teaching points - these are technical points to be aware of, which can be built into lessons as areas of development, but they should not all be used at the same time.
  • Movement - movement skills are vital for development and are written into each Awards skill exercise.
  • Mental skills - are vital for all round game development and are written into each Awards skill exercise.


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